Energy-Saving Tips

from Landscape Solutions
Make your home swimming pool more energy-efficient and easier to maintain with these backyard tips and tricks.

1. When purchasing a pool or spa, look for insulation applied directly to the fiberglass or wood that holds the water. This retards heat loss and helps maintain water temperature.

2. Set the thermostat to 78 F or lower.

3. Run your pool pump only as long as necessary. Ask your pool-supply contact how long it should run each day.

4. Use a timer to operate the pool's filter pump.

5. Run your pool pump only during off-peak hours, when energy may be cheaper. Check with your local utility to find out which hours to avoid.

6. Keep your pump and filter operating optimally by regularly removing foreign material from strainer baskets in the pump and skimmer.

7. Use a wall brush and leaf skimmer frequently, and follow a regular program of preventive maintenance.

8. Cover your pool and spa with a blanket or other covering when they are not being used.

9. Consider solar energy as an alternate heating source.

10. Track your water consumption by monitoring your utility bills. A change could signal a problem.

11. Turn off pool fountains and waterfalls when they aren't needed. Use timers for automatic shutoff.

12. Maintain proper chemical levels and adequate circulation time. Preventing a problem is less costly than draining your pool or using excessive water or chemicals to correct one.

13. Discourage extreme splashing and boisterous play. The more water you lose to splashing, the more frequently you ll need to refill your pool.

14. If your pool or spa is equipped with an overflow line, plug it whenever you swim. This prevents water loss through the line when the pool is in use.

15. Keep an eye on the water level when you top off your pool. Forgetting to shut off the water can be costly; use a timer to limit the water you use.

16. Shelter your pool and spa from wind with windbreaks, plantings, fences, or buildings. Cutting down on wind across the water will reduce evaporation.

17. Reduce the amount of water used to backwash pool filters. Backwash only as needed and just long enough for the water in the sight glass to run clean.

18. Look for signs of a leak, such as recurrent algae, loose tiles or cracks on the deck, or water-saturated soil around the pool, pump, or plumbing.

19. Repair pool leaks. Even a small leak in pool equipment or the pool's structure can add significantly to your water and utility bills.

20. Drain your pool or spa only when necessary. How often will depend on your use patterns and how well you maintain water quality.

21. When adding large amounts of fill water to your pool or spa, always
follow the recommended start-up procedures.

22. Reduce filtration time to six hours per day. Depending on previous use, this can save 50 percent or more of the energy used for filtration.

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