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Decorative outdoor lighting can extend the beauty of your garden long after sunset. Learn which light is right for your backyard.

As gardeners, we invest a lot of time and money in our landscapes, so why not show them off at night as well as day? Landscape lighting will help illuminate a garden’s beauty while offering a host of other benefits. It improves your home’s security by deterring potential burglars and makes areas such as paths and sidewalks safer for you and your guests. See how lighting can enhance your landscape with our handy guide.

1. Floodlighting:
Designed to illuminate wide areas for security, floodlights are highly versatile. They can be mounted in the ground, on walls, or even in trees. Unfortunately, this type of lighting can often be unsightly, so try to install it in an inconspicuous spot.



2. Surface lighting:
The primary benefit of this type of lighting is safety and utility. Lights typically mount on flat surfaces, such as walls or stair risers, creating an attractive evening ambience for outdoor gatherings. Although this lighting often assumes an inconspicuous look, some fixtures can be ornate.


3. Path lighting:
The primary purpose of this lighting is safety. Use it when you want to draw attention to steps or obstacles that might be overlooked. Path lighting comes in a wide range of styles, from standard black tier lights to elaborate fixtures.



4. Uplighting:
This type of lighting directs light upward to highlight landscape features such as trees. Well lights, which are recessed into the ground, are a popular form of uplighting. For a natural look, place these lights behind shrubs.



Downlighting: Also called moonlighting, this type of lighting is directed downward onto surfaces. For example, lights may be perched in a tree, gazebo, or patio to illuminate the landscape. Overlap light patterns to soften shadows.

Backlighting: Directed onto a surface from behind, this lighting is often used to highlight architectural features such as doors and windows. It is typically placed behind shrubs.

Spotlighting: Highlight special objects such as statues or specimen shrubs with spotlights. Mounting the lights overhead in pergolas or eaves will help eliminate glare. If you opt for ground-mounted fixtures, hide them behind shrubs.

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