Bird Watcher's Bliss

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This clever basket makes a great gift for a bird watcher – he or she can use it to create bird-friendly backyard garden décor all year round.

This basket caters to birds through the seasons with amenities for feeding, nesting, and housing. It includes everything needed to decorate a tree in the yard — fun to do with kids — transforming it into a gourmet feeding station. The wreath, a solid 2 pounds of seed, also offers an inviting feast when posted on a garden shed or wall. When planted in the garden, the sunflower seeds will evolve into a spectacular late-summer display and fodder for birds. (Note: Make seedy cones by dipping large pinecones in melted suet and rolling them in birdseed. String cranberries on thread to make garlands; slide O-shape cereal onto pipe cleaners, and twist the ends together to form loops.)


  • Wooden basket (14-inch diameter)
  • Acrylic paint (to decorate basket)
  • Excelsior
  • Dried flower and grass seed-head bouquet (sunflower, millet, cat’s claw, and canarygrass)
  • Better Homes & Gardens® Bird Gardens book
  • Birdseed cones
  • Sunflower seed packets
  • Bluebird house
  • Birdseed ornaments
  • Seed wreath
  • Bird spiral (for nesting materials or feed)
  • Cranberry garland
  • O-shape cereal loops

Preparing for a Happy Harvest
Step 1 Start lettuce seeds in seedling packs or a flat of soilless medium, approximately six weeks before the first harvest, following directions on the seed packet.
Step 2 Prepare the harvest basket for planting by lining it with a bandanna and burlap topped with black landscape plastic, making it watertight but still attractive. Alternatively, recycle a plastic shopping bag as a liner. Fill the container with potting mix.
Step 3 Transplant seedlings into the basket when they reach at least 1 inch tall, spacing them 2 inches apart. If you prefer to avoid transplanting, sow seeds in the basket filled with potting mix. When seedlings emerge and begin to develop, thin the plantings to space them 2 inches apart.

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