Moss Projects

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Try out these moss projects to add a fresh look to centerpieces, chairs, planters, and more.

1. Pull together an unexpected centerpiece using various colors and textures of moss. A moss garden — like a shade garden in miniature — needs variety to make it interesting. Start with a planter shape that complements your table. Ours is long and low. Spray the planter with two coats of copper spray paint; let dry. Plant with a mix of living and packaged moss sold at crafts stores. We used trailing Irish moss, baby’s tears moss, and two shades of reindeer moss. The planting is simple: Place small chunks of moss over a mound of soil, then place the planter atop a bed of blue river rocks, and accent with cream votive candles.

Accent dining chairs with miniature wreaths to welcome guests. Start by purchasing 4- to 5-inch twig wreaths from a crafts store. Using reindeer moss, cover the wreaths, attaching the moss with hot glue. Use ribbon to tie the wreaths to the backs of dining chairs. To turn a wreath into a place card, use a wide, solid-color ribbon, and write the guest’s name on it.


3 and 4.
Turn your side service table into a focal point by framing it in moss. Purchase a flat wood picture frame from a crafts store. (An 11 x 14-inch frame is appropriately scaled for a small side table, above.) Remove the glass from the frame. Tear reindeer moss into small, spongy chunks, and attach it to the frame using hot glue. Mist the frame with water to moisten the moss. Cut a square of fabric to the frame’s size, set the glass on the fabric square, and top with the moss-covered frame. Add a few blue river rocks to the moss for texture. Then set your drink table with whatever thirst-quencher suits your party. The glass in the frame will protect the tablecloth from condensation or spills.

5. Copper containers add a touch of elegance to an outdoor soiree. Look for them at flea markets, garden centers, crafts stores, or household stores. They don’t need to be perfect: Copper earns a warm patina with outdoor use. Prepare the pot by first placing a layer of foam packing peanuts in the bottom to encourage drainage. Plant a trio of pots with a variety of mosses and other shade-loving favorites, including leatherleaf fern and Ranunculus ‘Buttered Popcorn’. For brightness, mix in shade plants with a fresh lime-green color.

Create atmosphere overhead by hanging copper trays adorned with moss from a shade tree. The pillar candles will add a twinkle to your party. To make the chandeliers, use a hammer and awl to puncture each container with four holes of equal distance from each other on the tray’s perimeter, about 1/2-inch from the top of the tray. Insert small S hooks into each of the holes. Gather two 36-inch lengths of chain. Attach one end of the chain to an S hook, then attach the other end of the same chain to the opposite S hook to form a loop. Repeat so the chains cross at their center points. Bind chains together using heavy-gauge wire. Use an S hook to hang from a third length of heavier-gauge chain (its length depends on how tall your tree is and at what height you want the chandelier to hang). Use moss planted in lightweight plastic containers to prevent chandeliers from becoming too heavy, and water moss a day before the event so it’s not too wet. Add containers of potted moss to trays, alternating with pillar candles, and fill in with loose reindeer moss to camouflage container edges.

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